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By Sarah SmithUpdated September 12, 2019 11:51:58A national survey of young people by the Australian Institute of Educational and Health Research (AIEHR) has found a significant increase in physical education and physical skills.

Key points:Researchers found physical education skills increased by 12 per cent among high school students in 2020The study showed Australian students needed to learn more to walkAgain, physical education is more likely to be needed in older ageThe AIEHR found that young people aged 18-25 were the most likely to need to complete an advanced physical education program, and were the least likely to receive a physical education certificate (PCE) in 2020.

“The need to improve physical education in Australia has increased significantly over the past few years,” AIEHR deputy director of research, Dr Lisa Young, said in a statement.

“As a result, a significant number of young Australians need to get up to date with physical education knowledge, and are now learning to walk.”

We’re finding that more than two-thirds of Australian high school seniors (65 per cent) have taken an advanced class or are in a physical activity class and more than three quarters of Australian university students are learning to exercise and walk on their own.

“The study also found that the most common physical education instruction that young Australians were required to complete was a high-speed walk and was associated with lower rates of disability and poor health outcomes.”

In the context of rising demand for physical education, we know that there’s a need to provide high-quality physical education to young people at all stages of their life,” Dr Young said.”

A good physical education plan is key to getting young people into the best physical education they can be.

“The researchers also found an increasing trend in the use of high-powered equipment, with more students now taking a walk at least twice a week.

In terms of physical education enrolment, more than one in five (19 per cent of high school) students had taken a walk in the past six months.

In contrast, less than one-third (30 per cent, compared to more than 50 per cent in 2015) of students in secondary school had taken the class, and less than 1 per cent had taken an exercise class.”

While many of the physical education programs we are currently delivering are high-impact and involve lots of physical activity, there are still a lot of students out there who are missing out on some physical education opportunities,” Dr Yoo said.”[But] we hope that by continuing to monitor and develop new programs and provide support for the new students who are starting out, we can encourage more people to take up physical education.

“Dr Young said she hoped the research would help schools and other agencies improve the physical health of young adults, particularly those who had health problems and disabilities.”

These results are particularly significant for young people who are at higher risk of disability, as they are at greater risk of poor health,” she said.

The research was published in the journal Physical Education in Australia.


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