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By RTRITI HARRISIOT/NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE editorThe Times’ best of the year list includes essays from award-winning writers, the best of music, the top new releases, and the best pieces of humor and education.

In the case of education, the Times’ top article of the list was “Why Is It Always Hard to Understand Education?” and it also named “The Education Industry’s Worst Idea.”

It featured an editorial titled “The Art of Teaching: Why You Shouldn’t Learn From Someone Else’s Book.”

The piece explained that when it comes to education, “you have to know how to listen, what to listen for, and what to look for.”

The article also explained that teachers don’t always have the time to do all of that homework, and it pointed out that the best teachers are not those who “just write down everything in a book.”

The Times concluded that “education is one of those things that can be taught and mastered and that you can only learn from a lot of hard work and a lot that’s taught by people who are really good at it.”

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