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By Shree Rajendra ChatterjeeA reader of the magazine, which features original writing by top Indian writers, said it was the first time that the magazine had offered a memoir.

“We were a little disappointed that it was not offered earlier,” she said.

“But we hope that it is still going to be available in the future.”

The magazine’s founder and editor, Kalyan Bhattacharya, said the book had been developed with her husband, Shri Gaurav, and that she had worked hard to ensure that it would be “fantastic”.

“She wrote about her childhood, her relationship with her parents, her childhood with her father and her relationship to the family.

She wrote about everything that made her feel, everything that she has learnt,” she told the magazine.

“It is a book about her life.”

Ms Bhattathary said she had received many emails from readers about the book.

“There are many people who were excited about this,” she added.

Ms Bhatcherary said the publisher had not given a deadline for the book to be published, and she had been assured that it had been received.

“When we were discussing it, we thought that it might be possible for it to be out by next year, but it has been a long time since we have done that,” she noted.

“I feel that the book is coming together.

I hope that this is the book that the reader will love.”