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Now Playing: This is the best and worst places to find a job in the US, according to a new survey from the Pew Research CenterNow Playing: Why the U.S. economy is still in the doldrums despite the tech boomNow Playing.

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A lot of people in America have the right to voteNow Playing Trump’s immigration speech: The real dealNow Playing ‘What if Trump just walked away and said ‘I don’t care?’?

Now Playing’What’s the future of the US economy?’

Now Playing A new poll shows that people think the tech industry will die off within the next decadeNow Playing Donald Trump is running for president again, and he’s still winningNow Playing Here’s the first big-picture look at the Trump tax planNow Playing Is it time to panic over the ‘biggest risk’ to US stock markets?

Now Playing The biggest risk to US stocks: ‘This is the biggest risk of all.’

Now Playing Trump on Russia: The Russia story is fakeNow Playing President Donald Trump says he has no regrets about firing FBI Director James Comey.

NowPlaying How to fix a ‘political’ media culture, including social mediaNow Playing US election 2016: How it’s playing out on social media Now Playing The future of US jobs is in your handsNow Playing What you need to know about Donald Trump and the US electionNow Playing When does Donald Trump have a bad day?

Now Play Trump wants to make it easier to fire the FBI director, but he may need CongressNow Playing Why the Trump administration may not be the right person to handle the threat of terror attacksNow Playing Could Trump really fire FBI director?

Now Using a device that will detect the sound of gunfire, police found a gunman hiding in a New York apartmentNow Playing A few tips for people with anxiety about the Trump presidencyNow Playing Obama’s legacy: What you should know about his presidencyNow Using a robot that can detect the smell of burning, an NYPD officer shot a gunman in the head in a Staten Island homeNow Playing How the Trump White House plans to deal with climate changeNow Playing Can the Trump era be salvaged?

Now A man who lost his home in the devastating floods of 2017 has a plan to save his neighborhoodNow Playing Watch the first major Trump administration announcement about his infrastructure planNow The US economy will be in the red for a while, but it will recover soonNow Playing Ivanka Trump says she’s working to save the Trump nameNow Playing Are you ready to learn the hard way about Donald Trumps Trump presidency?

Now WATCH: A man named Joshua has been arrested after allegedly trying to steal his dogNow Playing Police in Florida found an abandoned truck full of explosives in a suburban neighborhood

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