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In November 2015, weebly began a new campaign, “Let’s Learn”.

This is a very important campaign that will be supported by a very strong community. 

As the campaign progresses, the Webbly team will update the campaign with new content to ensure it’s not missing out on anything important, and to encourage our users to share their stories and to support the Webby community.

This is the second time that webbly has rebranded its educational programs, after the Webschool in 2019.

Webbys original rebranding was due to the popularity of Weebles educational programs in the US. 

Webbys focus is on bringing education to a global audience, which means that its important to bring our brand to the wider community.

Webly is currently working on bringing Weeble to more countries, and is looking forward to seeing our users in other countries.

We will be keeping you updated on Webblys upcoming campaigns and events as they develop. 

You can learn more about Weeblys campaign and events here: