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The video for the new Sex Education curriculum from the Department of Education features a teacher who says it is “difficult” to talk about sexual activity without “sexual connotations”.

It says sex is “not about sex” but “about relationships and love”.

It then shows a picture of a young woman, whose parents are talking about a sexual encounter.

“I am not going to say I’m a slut, but I am not a normal person,” she says.

The teacher says: “There are things that we can do together to try to avoid those things that are causing problems in our lives.”

What does sex actually look like?

Here’s a look at what it means to be a sexually active adult in the 21st century.

“It’s about relationships and loving each other,” she adds.

The video then shows images of a few different types of sex, including kissing, intercourse, vaginal sex and anal sex.

“We can talk about some of the things that can happen and how we can avoid them, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a good time and be having fun,” she said.

But it’s the images of women who are naked in the classroom, with the words “sexy” and “sex” written on them, that are the most disturbing.

They are not only a stark contrast to the teaching of sex ed in primary and secondary schools, but also in the public schools.

The Department of Health said the new curriculum was a “serious departure from the national standards of sex education”.

“This curriculum is the first time we have introduced the concept of sexual behaviour and the sexual education curriculum in a way that is non-confrontational and that does not equate sexual activity to being promiscuous,” said Dr Sarah O’Brien from the department.

‘You can’t make a bad mistake’ Dr O’Briens said she believed that children who were sexually active were “at risk of being bullied and discriminated against”. “

These images are a way of making kids feel like they are not really part of the community and that they are more important than anyone else.”

‘You can’t make a bad mistake’ Dr O’Briens said she believed that children who were sexually active were “at risk of being bullied and discriminated against”.

“I know that a lot of parents and students are concerned about this, particularly with regards to the sexual health and sexual wellbeing of our students,” she told the ABC.

“The most common question I hear from parents is, ‘I’m not sure how to talk to my kids about sexuality.

Do I tell them it’s not a big deal and it’s okay to do it?

Or do I tell my kids to just get over it and not worry about it?'”

“We need to teach children about their sexuality, and they need to be given the tools and information to understand how to protect themselves from sexual violence,” she added. Dr O

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