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When Microsoft acquired Pixar in 2008, it said it would provide the studio with software development tools, including its popular 3D animation software, 3D Max.

But in an interview with Recode earlier this year, Microsoft executive vice president Rob Young said that, as part of the deal, Pixar would also get access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and other tools.

That didn’t sit well with many, and some critics have long argued that it was a deal that gave Microsoft too much control over the studio.

Now, however, Microsoft is making some changes to its stance.

In a blog post on Monday, Young said the company is giving Pixar the right to use Microsoft’s software for its own education applications.

He also said the studio will get access in a future version of its Microsoft Surface app, which Microsoft announced last month.

In addition to Azure, Microsoft has also said it will also license the ability to use its Azure cloud platform for Windows-based educational applications.

In a blogpost on Monday titled “Let’s build on this partnership,” Young wrote that Microsoft’s “compelling” business case for the deal has convinced him to move forward.

“This deal has made me think about what we can do to make our educational software even more powerful,” Young said.

“Our Azure and Windows Azure partnership will bring educational software closer to consumers and help us deliver a more secure and effective platform for learning.”