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An anonymous teacher in the United States has become the new president of a non-profit school and her story is here.

Maggie Paul has been working as a teacher in Atlanta’s public schools for over 15 years, teaching students who identify as transgender, gender nonconforming, gender fluid and genderqueer.

The Atlanta school district is a member of the National Center for Transgender Equality, which has been pushing for education and policy changes for transgender people for decades.

The story of Paul and her work as a transgender teacher is an inspiring one.

In an interview with ABC News, Paul explained how she got into the transgender education field and what it takes to be a transgender person in today’s society.

“I’ve always had the sense that I was an outsider in the world, and I’ve always felt like I was trying to prove something to everybody,” Paul told ABC News.

“It wasn’t until I got into this work that I found out that there was a lot of good people that were really trying to make it better, and they were really giving me the support that I needed.”

Maggi Paul is a transgender woman, genderqueen and gender non-conforming.

In 2014, she was named one of the top 100 transgender teachers in the country.

She said that while her job is diverse, she is a very inclusive teacher.

She works with kids with disabilities, the LGBTQ community and students with learning disabilities.

“There’s no one who is better at being supportive of students and teaching them,” Paul said.

“I am not a teacher for everyone, but I feel like I’m very much an educator for a lot people.

That’s how I feel.”

Mattress teacher Maggie Paul works in the classroom at the Atlanta Public Schools.

The transgender teacher’s story is inspiring because she says her job has a lot to do with what she feels as a person.

“For me, my job is to be my daughter’s teacher, and my job isn’t to be the president of this school, but to be an advocate for what we’re doing,” Paul explained.

“So I really love that role.

I don’t like to think of myself as being the president, I just think of me as being a great teacher, I really think of that as being my job.

I am proud of that.”

She has taught at a variety of schools across the United Kingdom, including St. Margaret’s, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She also has experience working with the children of transgender students.

“A lot of the kids that come to me because they are transgender, I can help them with their transitions and I can support them,” she explained.

“If I see that the child is transitioning, I get to be there for them, and if I see it’s not working out, I help them to find other ways to help themselves.”

Paul said that her transgender work has allowed her to become more open about her gender identity, and that is something she believes the transgender community can do as well.

“The transgender community is really about supporting transgender people in this moment, and having a conversation about it and being able to understand that, and not judge people because of who they are,” she said.

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