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My family is one of the very few families who are still eating gluten. 

We are on the road to celiac disease, and we’ve been through it in our family and in our life.

We’re so sensitive to it.

But in our personal lives, we haven’t had the same reaction. 

I’ve always been curious about celiac, but I have to admit that I had no idea how to find the right information and the right answer to it, when I was at school.

I just wanted to know what it was. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, my family and I have gone through a lot of ups and downs.

I’ve started taking a lot more time to make sure that I am eating the right things, but it’s a very difficult journey.

It is not easy to find a gluten-free diet and I am not alone in this.

There are many people like me who feel that it’s easier to just eat gluten.

They are very lucky that they live in countries where the celiac sufferers are very isolated, and are able to do their research and make their own choices.

But for many people, it’s really hard to find gluten-Free. 

The food I eat does not contain gluten, but the foods we eat do.

Celiac sufferer Janna is a freelance writer living in Melbourne.

Her work has appeared in the Australian, New York Times, Australian and New Zealand news, and has also appeared in other publications.

Follow her on Twitter: @jannashealthcare

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