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We’ve all heard the adage: If it’s not in the video, it isn’t there.

And yet, we’re still missing the real reason sex ed is such a good idea.

Here are some tips to help you get more out of the sex ed video that’s currently on your shelf.


Watch the sex education you want to watch 2.

Find out if the content is relevant to your topic 3.

Make your own sex ed curriculum or resources 4.

Make videos to teach your students the basics and make them think about the material 5.

Make a video that is fun to watch and has fun themes 6.

Make the sex content educational and informative for your students 7.

Use your own resources to find the videos you want and watch them 8.

Be creative and make your own videos to show your students what they should know 9.

Be smart with how you present your sex ed content 10.

Get to know your students and ask questions about them 11.

Make sure you have a fun, creative and informative video that will help your students learn something about sex 12.

Get the most out of your sex education content and content you already have 13.

Get out there and do more sex ed 14.

Keep your sex educational content relevant for the students and teachers who will be watching it 15.

Find videos that are good and share them with others and make the videos fun and entertaining for the children of the future 16.

Make it a great experience for your staff and the kids of your community 17.

Share with your students a video to show them about your organization 18.

Make video to teach them the basics of sex education 19.

Make fun videos to let them learn about sex 20.

Make some great content to share with the community and friends 21.

Share content with the world and share it with your kids 22.

Make them laugh with a fun video for your classroom or group 23.

Be social and connect with your colleagues and your school community 24.

Share your school sex education videos on social media with your friends and family 25.

Make content that will reach a whole new audience and get kids talking about sex 26.

Share fun content with your peers to let kids know that sex is a big part of their life 27.

Make sex education educational for everyone 28.

Have fun with your videos and share with your community 29.

Make awesome sex education products 30.

Share awesome sex content and resources for everyone to help their kids and loved ones 31.

Keep it fun and make it fun for kids and your family 32.

Share a fun sex education message for your friends to get them started on the path of sex and to make sure that they know that they’re not alone in this journey.

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