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The schools are still open, but they have been closed for more than a year, said Dr. Elizabeth Jorgensen, who heads the East Carolina University College of Education’s Center for the History of Teaching.

It’s been an extraordinary, emotional, challenging, and challenging time for us, she said.

“Some of the students are still on the waitlist, waiting to see if they can get in,” Jorgenson said.

For many families, the closure is a reminder that school is a part of the life, she added.

In New Jersey, a new school was opened in October.

But for some families, school is just a part time job.

In New York, the last day of classes was October 29.

But many parents still work part time jobs, said Barbara Pare, a teacher at St. Ignatius Academy in Brooklyn.

Some still get paid a wage, but most work part-time and don’t have a lot of time to spend with their kids, she told ABC News.

Some of them are even working part time at home.

“We can’t go out to the store because we don’t get paid,” said Michelle Breslin, who works part time and said she does not have a job.

Pare said it’s hard for her parents to send their kids to school in the fall.

“I’m scared that my kid won’t make it to school,” she said, adding that her daughter is not going to school this year.

“The school was the only place that I knew that my child could be safe,” Bresling said.

“I know they’re still working to get this school reopened, but we have to keep going until we get this right,” she added, “because we can’t keep it shut down for two more years.”

ABC News’ Mary Clare Jalonick contributed to this report.

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