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Jeff Bezos wants to be America’s most powerful and most innovative CEO.

But, as he prepares to lead Amazon, he’s also hoping to become America’s next chief technology officer, as the world’s largest online retailer tries to reinvent itself.

Bezos’ bold plans are being closely watched by many of the country’s tech leaders and analysts, who believe he will be a pivotal player in shaping Amazon’s future.

The company announced Thursday that it plans to hire more than 100 technologists and engineers, and to hire 500 employees over the next three years.

And Bezos has pledged to focus on growing the company’s business by building new technologies, investing in research and development and opening new stores.

He also announced that Amazon would open two new offices, one in Boston and another in San Francisco.

“I believe that technology can play a key role in our future,” Bezos said in a prepared statement.

“But we also believe that innovation will be our biggest opportunity.”

The announcement comes as Amazon is trying to shift its focus from physical retailing to online shopping and other online services.

It is also the first time that Amazon has laid off full-time employees.

Bezos said that his goal is to have 10,000 employees by 2021.

The board of directors will hold a special meeting on April 30 to discuss the company and to decide whether to retain Bezos.

At the same time, the company is set to announce its annual results for the year that ends on July 31.

The announcement by Bezos comes just two days after Amazon announced that it will buy a controlling stake in a company called Foursquare, which plans to start accepting payments and advertising on Amazon.

Bezos is also buying a controlling interest in, the online travel and entertainment company that he launched with Amazon’s help.

He will also be able to buy a stake in other online shopping companies, including AmazonFresh, which operates in New York and Seattle.

“The key message is that we are focused on accelerating our transformation from physical to digital,” Bezos told investors during the earnings call.

“We are excited about the future, and we believe we can take this company forward to the next level.”

The move will allow Bezos to make his first significant investments in the company since he launched it in 1999.

Amazon is already one of the most profitable businesses in the U.S. and has grown to become one of America’s largest tech companies.

But Bezos has been a vocal critic of many aspects of the nation’s education system, including its funding of charter schools and its controversial testing policies.

He’s also been critical of the U-M system, which is one of his biggest competitors in the education sector.

“My goal is not to do it all by myself, but to be able for this company to do more than it has,” Bezos wrote in a letter to the state board of trustees last year.

“As a founder, I am also focused on creating an environment where Amazon can be a leader in the new economy and create opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.”

The company will hire 500 people, including 50 to 100 new engineers, over the coming years.

The hiring spree comes as the company has also announced plans to build a $1 billion research lab in Seattle.

The $1.3 billion lab will build on Amazon’s efforts to help students improve their English and math skills.

Amazon will also hire 100 people over the course of the next two years to help develop its artificial intelligence software.

Amazon plans to open two of the new Seattle locations in 2019, one at the University of Washington and one in Ballard, Washington.

The Seattle headquarters will be built on top of a former warehouse.

The new headquarters will have a new parking garage, more than 1,000 new public spaces, a “fitness center” and a new “science center.”

Amazon will pay $1,400 a day for the right to operate out of Seattle, the statement said.

The investment will create an Amazon campus in Seattle that will be called the “Amazon campus.”

Bezos said the new headquarters would be located on the city’s waterfront, with about a third of the space reserved for offices, offices with a mix of office space and retail space.

The move comes amid Amazon’s aggressive push into online retailing.

The retailer has said it wants to serve as a leader by making its products and services available to as many customers as possible.

The online retailer is also planning to open more than 2,000 stores across the U and Canada.