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The school education industry is booming, with more than $8.5 billion in contracts awarded last year. 

It’s a lucrative industry that employs more than 70,000 people, according to a 2016 report by the Association of Private Sector Education Professionals. 

But the industry is struggling to find the right teachers. 

In the meantime, the federal government is giving states the authority to hire qualified teachers, but many states are not yet ready to do so.

In California, for instance, the state is looking to hire more than 1,000 teachers, with no guarantee that they will actually get the jobs.

The state’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, has also recently proposed legislation to allow for the state to pay for the cost of hiring qualified teachers.

In New York, state leaders have also started looking for qualified teachers to teach in the Bronx.

But there are some concerns about how teachers will be trained. 

The state has the highest percentage of its teachers on low-wage jobs in the country.

And a lot of the work is not even done in the classroom. 

“You have to be a really good teacher to get in the profession,” said Jessica Rinaldi, a teacher in the New York City suburb of Bedford-Stuyvesant who has been a teacher for nine years.

Rinaldi says the city is not ready for the new generation of teachers to take over.

She has had to adapt to the fact that she cannot teach at the same time as the students, so she has to teach two or three different subjects.

“The students, the parents, the community, it’s a whole lot of people who can be in the room,” she said.

Rialdi says teachers are being told they need to take on a different role.

“It’s very challenging for me, and I have to do it at a different level, so I have a different job,” she told WNYC. 

Rinaldias husband is also teaching at the school, and her parents say she is making more than enough money.

The teacher shortage in New York is particularly acute in Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, the city has about 13,000 registered teachers, and there are nearly 30,000 more on the job, according the New Yorker. 

New York City also has a lot more teachers than it does qualified teachers – about 20,000, but it’s still far behind other major cities. 

According to the American Association of State Colleges and Employers, in the US the average salary for a full-time teacher is $60,000. 

Teachers in New England have a median salary of $46,000 per year, and $28,000 in New Hampshire. 

While the salaries in the city of New York are higher, there are still some teachers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Rina Schulte, a high school teacher in Worcester, Massachusetts, told WMAZ News she was one of those teachers who needed to take a pay cut.

“My income was about $40,000 a year,” she explained.

“And I needed to go out and do something to help my family,” she added.

“And then I got a call from a parent who said, ‘Well, you can’t do this, because you’re a teacher, and you’re teaching children.'”

But the school system in Worcester is not prepared to take the kind of care that a professional teacher would give.

“The state of Massachusetts, where Boston is located, has a system in place for teachers to work with students.

The state, however, has not yet decided whether to implement a similar program for teachers in the rest of the state.

Rinaldy told The Huffington Post that she does not know if there will be any changes in Massachusetts.