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Posted by MSNBC on September 12, 2018 08:23:17The video below, which was posted to YouTube on September 11, 2018, shows Google’s Edtech school program manager, Amy Lauer, explaining that students who choose to enroll in Google Edtech are likely to learn in a classroom with an electronic learning system.

The video then shows a teacher explaining the differences between the online education and the traditional primary education system.

“The difference between a Google education and a traditional education is that students are learning digitally,” Lauer says.

“It’s a completely different experience, and it’s a learning experience.

The technology is not connected to the classroom.”

In the video, Lauer said that students enrolled in GoogleEdtech who were also enrolled in a traditional school would need to attend a “sitting room” and learn with other students while being supervised by an educator.

The online education model, which Lauer describes as “digital classrooms,” uses a classroom-based technology that allows students to take turns learning, and the technology can be controlled remotely.

It also includes “smart tools,” like a projector and tablet that students can use to access videos on demand.

Lauer explained that students would need the full curriculum, including reading materials, but also could choose from various learning options.

The online education would also include lessons that could be taken online, such as online learning that could take place in a computer classroom or a classroom environment, Lauers comments.

Students would also need to sign up for a Google account and would have to take tests.

For some students, the test may require them to “check in” to a class or meet a person for a class.

Students enrolled in the online Edtech program would have the option of going on to traditional schools, but they would also have the ability to go to GoogleEdTech schools.

“We’re going to go with the traditional education model.

But we’re going with this one that allows you to have the same level of connectivity to the classrooms that you have in traditional schools,” Lauer said.

GoogleEdtech would provide students with the same online learning options that are available at traditional schools.

Students enrolled in an online EdTech school would also be able to choose from different learning options, such a online learning program that would include classroom and online learning, a online classroom, or both.

Lauers suggested that the GoogleEd tech was designed for people with special needs who would need special access to technology and who would be “more likely to benefit from the learning experience.”

The online Edt is expected to be available for purchase later this year for $99.

Students can also enroll in an Edtech classroom for $79.50.

GoogleEdtechnology was designed specifically for students with special education needs and students with disabilities.

Google says it is not designed for anyone who is a parent or student, or anyone who doesn’t have the full support of a parent.