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The nation’s top-performing public school districts are going through a period of transition that will likely see a decline in the number of teachers and administrators, with many school districts reporting record enrollment.

A majority of the nation’s public schools have closed and many are closing their doors.

The number of students in the schools has dropped by nearly 15 percent in just a few years.

As the National Review points out, the majority of schools in the United States have had a decline since the mid-2000s.

However, in some districts, enrollment has increased in recent years.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, “a few dozen districts have made some headway toward stabilizing enrollment and enrollment growth.”

However, the Chronicle notes that these gains are being achieved at a “slow pace.”

The Chronicle reports that there are still over half a million students enrolled in some public school systems.

That number is expected to increase to over two million students by 2019.

Additionally, some of these districts are also struggling to maintain the schools they have closed.

As of last year, the number one state of California was in a dire state.

In California, the state’s education system had a budget deficit of more than $1 billion.

California is facing a funding shortfall of nearly $50 billion.

However the California Education Association (CEAA) states that the state can only meet its funding needs by eliminating $2.6 billion of federal funding over the coming year.

As a result, a state budget crisis is being felt in the state.

According a report released last year by the CEAA, a number of districts in California are facing a “funding gap that will cause their entire state to fall behind.”

In the last five years, the California state has lost $1.5 billion in state funding, according to the CEPA.

Many districts have closed schools, which is why the CELAA has stated that schools need to be reopened as soon as possible.

As many of these schools have seen a drop in enrollment over the past few years, many districts are not only struggling to make ends meet, but also need to find ways to save money.

Many states are also facing budget challenges and are struggling to meet their funding needs.

The Washington Post reports that the California Department of Education has reported that “there’s a funding gap that is likely to force some of the state system’s most successful schools to close in the coming years.

The state also faces a funding crisis because state and local governments have had to raise taxes and fund state programs in the last two years.”

In a recent report by the Associated Press, several states have reported significant revenue shortfalls, with some states reporting revenue shortages as high as 20 percent.

However that has not deterred some districts from closing schools and other districts are reporting high enrollment.

The Associated Press reports that California’s state legislature has voted to raise school funding by $6 billion over the course of the next three years.

Some districts in some states are closing schools due to financial pressures.

In a state that is struggling to fund its schools, closing schools can be a necessary tactic to address budget issues.

As these districts struggle to pay for the increased costs of maintaining the schools, some are seeking to cut costs.

Some of these closures include the closing of schools due the lack of funding.

For example, in Washington, Washington State has been grappling with the lack-of-funding issues with its school districts.

According the Seattle Times, “Washington state has about $9.7 billion in unpaid state aid.

But the state is facing significant budget shortfalls.

Its general fund budget deficit last year reached $1,890 million, according the Washington Education Association.

The union representing public school teachers and principals said it expects the state to need to spend another $10 billion over five years on schools, health care, and other programs.

The UWAPA, the union representing school officials, has estimated that it will have to cut 1,000 positions as a result of the funding shortfall.”

In addition, in New York, the New York State Education Association is trying to find a way to pay teachers and other staff members.

According CBS New York reports, “The teachers union says the state has an additional $12 billion to pay them, and that it’s the only way to ensure the state will remain in the black.”

However the state cannot continue to rely on the private sector to provide the services it needs, the Associated Post reports.

The unions in New Jersey and New York have also been struggling with the funding shortfalls in recent months.

The AP reports that, “State funding has not been the only factor that’s causing some schools to shut down.

The closures also come as some districts are closing down part of their academic programs, or changing curricula to reduce class sizes and keep the number students.

And many are trying to cut expenses to pay the salaries of employees, which can add up to $200 per teacher, according a recent AP investigation.”

While the state of

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