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The Education Department of India has launched a campaign to educate parents about the importance of their children’s education, which includes informing them about the requirements for passing the exams and the scholarships available.

A report in the Economic Times titled “Education for a better India” said the Government should take a proactive role in encouraging parents to educate their children.

The report said it was time to provide an educational roadmap to parents and make the parents aware of the challenges they will face in their childrens education.

The paper also said that it was important to provide the parents with incentives for giving up on their children in order to give their child an educational opportunity.

The report also pointed out that the Government has not provided any mechanism to ensure parents are not under pressure to enroll their children at a time of shortage of teachers.

“The government has no clear guidelines or policy for education and there are many loopholes.

Parents have no way to know about the government’s intentions in this regard,” the report said.

It said the government should ensure that education is provided in a manner that is appropriate and not subject to pressure.

The Economic Times reported that the government has not released details about the scholarships awarded in the current academic year.