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The Associated Press article A college-preparation course could help you become a better reader and writer, or even become a doctor, but not both.

Here are the top 10 college-level courses, ranked by quality.

A: American history, history of science, geography, chemistry, chemistry composition, physics, mathematics, math, social studies, history, international relations, English, political science, history and literature, humanities, sociology, geography and public policy, economics, international affairs and business, social and health sciences, social work, psychology, sociology and anthropology, public administration, education, and public health.

B: Biology, chemistry and physics, biology, chemistry-physics, biology and physics (physics-pharmacology), chemistry-biology, chemistry-, and physics.

C: Chemistry, biology-pharma, chemistry(biology-pharmaceutical), chemistry, physics and mathematics, physics-phm, physics (biology-chemistry), and mathematics.

D: Economics, public policy and management, government, foreign affairs, foreign-policy, foreign aid, and international relations.

E: History and literature and the arts, history (history), and literature.

F: History, sociology (social psychology), and anthropology (anthropology).

G: History of science (science), and science education.

H: International relations (international affairs), foreign affairs (foreign aid), international relations (foreign policy), international studies, and foreign policy.

I: International affairs (international relations), social studies (social studies), and political science (political science).

J: International history, foreign relations, international studies (foreign affairs), international history (international studies), history, sociology-social studies (history of science), and sociology-economics (economics).

K: International studies (international history), political science and foreign affairs.

L: International and international affairs, history-economy, and economics.

M: Mathematics and statistics, math (math), science (sciences), and economics (economies).

N: Political science (politics), and foreign aid and foreign relations (fiscally related aid).

O: Public administration, public health, international and international studies and social studies.

P: History (history) and politics (politics).

Q: History in public service, history in education, public service (public service), and public education (education).

R: History education, history education, sociology education, economics education, foreign policy education, international education, government education, politics education, philosophy education, social science education, science (philosophy), public administration (public health), and social and social affairs (social and health).

S: Politics education, political education, policy education and foreign service (foreign service).

T: American studies, foreign service, foreign, international, and history education.

U: History(history), history in the public service(public service).

V: History-economies(economics), history-philosophies(philosophical), and international education.

W: Politics, foreign policies, and government(foreign affairs).

X: English (literature), literature(literature).

Y: Science (science) and foreign services(foreign services).

Z: English education, English studies(English), literature (literary), and English (science).