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We’ve been told that the teachers union needs to recruit more teachers.

But we’ve also been told this is the way to keep the public school system solvent.

The story is often told that if you recruit enough teachers, you can get your budget under control.

And the theory is that if the public schools can keep paying the teachers they have, then the government will have more money to spend on other things.

But if the schools aren’t paying enough to keep their budget under lock and key, then public schools will start to struggle. 

The story is mostly a lie. 

If we look at what happens when we get our budget under locks and keys, it shows that the government doesn’t have to recruit teachers.

It can hire the teachers that it already has, and then keep paying them the money that they already have. 

But if it’s a real crisis, then this story will look a lot different.

If the teachers don’t have enough to do their jobs, then that means that their families are going to have to step in.

And that means there will be an even bigger financial hit.

The reason that the unions don’t recruit more is simple: the teachers unions don