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Devin Nunes’ show Sex Ed has been airing on cable TV channels in a recent ad campaign.

The show, which focuses on the importance of abstinence-only sex education in the classroom, is being run by the National Education Association (NEA), a group that advocates for sex ed programs that promote abstinence-based sex education.

NEA President and CEO Karen Lewis said the campaign, which will air on the cable channel MTV in the coming weeks, will “raise awareness and educate people on the important role that abstinence-education plays in maintaining healthy relationships and healthy relationships among teens and adults.”

According to Lewis, the NEA has received funding from the American Family Association, a group with ties to anti-LGBT groups, and it has received support from the DeVos family foundation, which supports abstinence-focused sex education programs.

The NEA is funded by a series of conservative donors, including billionaire George Soros, the family foundation’s president, and billionaire Richard DeVos, who is a major donor to the group.

DeVos and his wife, Anne, have both donated millions to NEA.

Lewis said the NEAC is trying to reach young people, including those who are sexually active, by highlighting the positive effects of sex education and its effectiveness.

“The message is very simple,” she said.

“Sex education helps teens build healthy relationships with partners, it helps them stay sexually active and it helps reduce the likelihood that teens will engage in sexual activity.”

Lewis said she hopes the ad campaign will help push the “moral and ethical” message that sex education “should be available in all schools, not just for abstinence-promoting abstinence-oriented programs.”

“This is a powerful message, but also one that we can amplify in our community,” she added.

“We’re all adults and we all have the responsibility to educate ourselves on what we need to know about sex and sexuality.”

Lewis did not provide details about how much the NEAA has spent on the ad and said she did not know the specific amount of money NEA had received from the Koch brothers’ foundation.

The NEA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNNMoney.

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