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The biggest challenge with education reform is that most students with diabetes are not equipped to learn about the disease.

That’s why most of the recommendations that get implemented in the US are focused on changing the way students learn, rather than making sure that kids with the disease are exposed to the most up-to-date information.

A lot of kids with disabilities are just learning how to walk or speak, which makes it harder for them to fully understand what it means to be diabetic.

To help them get the most out of the changes they’re making to educate their kids, here are 10 things you can do to help educate your kids about diabetes and its complications.1.

Introduce them to diabetes through stories.

In the United States, we’ve had a lot of diabetes stories told by adults and kids alike, but few of them really teach kids about the complications of diabetes.

As a teacher, you can tell your kids that diabetes is a disease and that it’s something that affects everyone, including you.2.

Tell your students about diabetes as a part of the school curriculum.

Most schools use story-based lessons in the classroom to introduce students to the different types of diseases that affect people with diabetes.

When a story like this is taught, it can be especially important for your students to know how to talk about the effects of diabetes in general and how to describe it in their own stories.3.

Encourage your kids to learn how to manage diabetes and treat it.

The biggest way to encourage your kids with ADHD to learn to manage their diabetes is to get them to take part in regular physical activity.

You don’t want them to be afraid of their diabetes, so they should be encouraged to run, swim, bike, and do other things to keep themselves active.4.

Make sure that you get your kids interested in diabetes in a healthy way.

If you have kids who have diabetes, they’ll be more likely to have their health monitored.

You can tell them that they should keep their blood sugar down, and to eat healthy foods that don’t contain sugar.

You might also want to make sure that they understand that diabetes can be treatable, and you should have a plan for their care.5.

Encourage your kids’ health and exercise habits.

One of the best ways to motivate your kids is to encourage them to exercise.

For example, if your kids don’t exercise regularly, you might want to ask them to do so in the gym.

Even if you’re not at the gym, the idea of a kid with diabetes having to walk and stand for an hour each day to do it is incredibly daunting.

You should also encourage them in a positive way to keep up their healthy habits, like eating a healthy diet and avoiding sugar and processed foods.6.

Encamp your kids in physical activity for at least a couple of hours a day.

When you have your kids engaged in physical activities for at the end of the day, you want them engaged in the same way they were the day before.

They should be able to walk to and from the gym with their parents, get a workout, and have fun together.7.

Get them to make a plan.

If your kids aren’t active, they might not be able or willing to make healthy lifestyle changes for themselves.

It can be really hard to do this with your kids who are diabetic.

Encapsulating the idea that your kids should make healthy changes for their own health and well-being helps your kids feel more engaged and ready to take their first steps toward better health.8.

Make it fun and interesting for your kids.

If there’s one thing that can really push a child to get involved in a life-changing activity, it’s a fun, educational activity.

In addition to having your kids do something they enjoy, encourage them not to be embarrassed to ask questions.

Make them feel like they’re really contributing to the conversation and that they have a lot to contribute to the solution.9.

Encounsel them in your diabetes education.

It’s important to show your kids the benefits of being a better diabetic educator by sharing their stories.

You need to be realistic about the health risks associated with being an active adult with diabetes, but it’s important that you do a good job of explaining what the risks are and how they can be managed.

If the risk is too high, you need to show them that it can still be managed, but that you are working on it.10.

Help your kids have fun.

The idea that they can get in shape without doing any physical activity is a powerful one.

Encoring healthy, healthy habits in your kids can make it easier for them both to get and keep their diabetes under control.

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