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The education minister says the Education Department will launch a new national curriculum with a focus on the co-op model.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham said the coeducation plan would be a new initiative.

“Co-education is a model where people can work together in a community to provide education,” he said.

Co-ops have been around for decades and are used to offer a range of benefits, including a range for students.

But the Education Ministry has come under fire for its handling of the rollout.

Its co-education scheme, which began in 2014, has been criticised by the Australian Council of Social Service and others, who say it has failed to meet the standards of other co-operatives.

It also has faced criticism from many unions who say the system is a form of corporatisation, which is unlawful.

The minister said he was determined to improve the coeducational model, but said co-ops could do with more support.

In his budget announcement, Birmingham said he had committed to supporting the cooperative model with $10 million over four years.

He said that funding would be available in two ways: from the Government’s Community Education Fund and from the coagulation levy, which was recently increased to $50 a year from $30.

Mr Birmingham said more than 100,000 Australians were working in co-operative businesses.

Some of those people were on the CO education and education co-ordinators, he said, and the cooccurrences were a result of the Government prioritising the coop model over other options.

This initiative is not about the government, but it is about getting this new model across to people who need it the most.

We need to give them the tools they need, so that when they go to their local community centre, they can have a conversation and have a discussion about the issues that matter to them.

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