Apple Education Store

An education company’s decision to move away from its core business of building educational tools has led to a shakeup in the business.

In a move that could threaten the future of the company’s core business, Google for Ed has announced it will no longer be a provider of educational tools, which is why it is also changing its name to Google for Children.

The move comes after Google for Educ announced last year it was moving its business focus from developing educational tools to building a platform that allows schools and educators to interact online.

Google for Kids, which was launched in 2018, is aimed at providing educational content on the web for parents to use online.

Google for Education is now known as Google Education.

“Google Education is a platform where parents can interact with teachers, staff, students and other educators to learn more about teaching and learning,” Google for ed said in a statement to The Straits Times.

“This platform will make it easier for teachers and other learners to collaborate and exchange information online.”

The move means Google for children will now be referred to as Google for Educational and Google Education for children, while Google for education will be renamed Google Education as part of the change.

In June, Google announced it had invested $1 billion in education-focused startup Y-Schools, and it plans to hire 100 employees.

Google also announced a $1.2 billion funding round in 2017 to invest in education.

In the past year, Google Education has also acquired a number of startups including the video-editing company iCodes, the software platform Oink, and the content-management platform Cloudflare.

Google Education also announced it would invest $150 million in the online learning platform Spark, which aims to provide high-quality online content for educators.

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