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This is one of the things I always struggle with, getting a job as a teaching assistant.

I’m a pretty serious student, but I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities. 

I’ve got a PhD in education and I’ve always been interested in teaching, so I thought I’d give it a go. 

The first step was to find an open position, then get an offer from the company. 

After a bit of research, I finally got the job, but my first few weeks were a bit frustrating. 

To get a good salary, you have to work at least 80 hours a week. 

My first few days there, I’d usually work a maximum of 30 hours, but in one of my first months, I managed to work up to 30 hours on a Friday. 

If you’re not that skilled, it’s hard to make money teaching. 

However, that was when I started to get more and more comfortable. 

There were no stressful days, I was able to work off my own expenses and it was all about getting my teaching certificate in the best shape possible. 

One day, I realised I’d been living on the floor, with the windows down and the roof completely covered in snow, so it was a bit challenging for me. 

Then I met some amazing teachers and it’s been a good time ever since. 

This story is part of our series of articles on teachers and their careers, and you can subscribe to the series here: Teaching jobs: What they’re worth and what you need to know This is part three in our series on teachers, so check out part one here: Teaching jobs: Where do you want to teach? 

How much do teachers earn? 

Teachers have a very different life from other teachers, who usually have a permanent job. 

Most are in their mid-30s and have jobs that pay them more than the average teaching salary. 

It’s not unusual to earn between £25,000 and £50,000 a year, but there are plenty of people who work in the middle of the scale earning less than £10,000. 

In many ways, the higher the pay, the more the pay packet feels like a reward for good performance. 

What makes a good teaching job? 

Most teachers are keen to get paid well, but a good teacher can also earn a lot more than what they think they’re getting. 

They might earn more if they’re teaching a subject where they’re able to take part in the learning and development process, which is often part of a wider degree course. 

For example, in an English class, you might teach a history course that will include reading from a copy of Shakespeare’s works. 

Some teaching roles are also good for students who want to get an advanced level of learning and experience, while others offer an opportunity to learn a new language or have an education in the arts. 

Teachers are also often able to make a lot of money as they earn extra income in their private and public jobs. 

But don’t feel bad if you don’t earn enough. 

Many teaching jobs offer a lot less than the standard rate of pay for a similar job, and they can be rewarding for those who manage to land the position. 

So, what are the best teaching jobs? 

I know a lot about teaching, and the different roles, but as a general rule, it depends on your career. 

As a generalisation, I think that the roles that require more education and experience are a good bet for those with a strong desire to get their hands on an advanced degree. 

And, for those wanting a good job, I also recommend the higher-paying jobs that require an intermediate level of education. 

When you think about it, a good degree in education is something that can be learned from many different places, and it allows you to take a whole new path in life. 

Do I need a degree? 

You don’t need a PhD or a Masters in education to become a good or competent teacher. 

You can get the job as an associate teacher or assistant teacher, depending on what you have and what your background is. 

How to get started: This post is part two of our five-part series on teaching careers. 

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