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The next generation of teachers is the most important thing to them.

That’s why the first thing we must do as teachers is to understand what the future holds for them.

This year’s Teachers in Action Summit, hosted by the American Federation of Teachers, provides a clear framework for that conversation.

We hope this summit will be a step toward a dialogue about what the next generation needs and why we need it, as well as the steps that are required to make it happen. 

Teachers should not be asked to be perfect and teachers should not have to be on the receiving end of a teacher evaluation system.

We know that these systems are often used as a means to get what we want.

And, of course, there are times when they are not. 

However, they should not make us feel bad about the way our children are being taught.

Teachers need to be taught to be accountable for their work.

They should not need to answer to any one person or institution.

They need to know how to listen to students and to make sure they have a good education. 

They need to understand that when they make mistakes, they make the students accountable for them and for their mistakes.

And they need to have a responsibility to learn from their mistakes and make sure that they don’t repeat them. 

If we do all of this, we will be able to better prepare our students for success in the classroom.

The next step will be to listen, learn and advocate for our students.