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Hillary Clinton is expected to take up a more direct role in reforming public schools in the coming months as she launches her presidential bid, her senior adviser said Monday.

The former first lady will make the announcement in a speech at a private dinner at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, according to an aide to her campaign.

The aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the event was not scheduled, said Clinton will focus on “making the schools better” and “making sure that we get kids who are able to get their education.”

The aide declined to provide more details about what specific changes Clinton will propose.

“She’s going to be very focused on what’s going on right now in terms of making sure that schools are really improving,” the aide said.

Clinton, who is the nation’s first female nominee for president, has been a champion of school reform for years.

Her 2012 book, “Stronger Together: A Practical Guide for Parents and Communities, is aimed at children in her home state of New York, and her recent book, What Works: How to Change Your School and Community to Make It Great Again, also focuses on improving public schools.

In a recent CNN interview, Clinton said the country’s public schools have become too “complacent.””

There’s no real commitment to changing the culture.

We’ve seen this with the war in Iraq, where there’s no commitment to trying to change the culture,” she said.”

It’s a failure, and we need to change it.

We have to change our culture, to make sure that our kids are getting the education that they need.

“Clinton has said she would use her experience to take on issues like education, health care and race relations.

A number of prominent Republicans have also pledged to support her.

But the speech will come as she seeks to secure a majority of the delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

Clinton is trailing Bernie Sanders in delegates and has yet to win any superdelegates, the party’s most powerful members.

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