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The next time you’re tempted to buy an online college, take a look at the following list of free schools in the US.

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Education Week: Free college in the United States.

Read moreThe top free schools for 2018 are the following:Free schools:Dartmouth College:Diversity and Inclusion, Inc.

Dartworth College:American College for Arts and Sciences:Baton Rouge, LA:Boys and Girls Clubs of America:Brooklyn Academy:Chicago Public Schools:Dollar General:Duke University:Eagle Creek Academy:Georgia State University:Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis:Johns Hopkins University:Marquette University:Nassau State University (NJ):New York University:New York Public Library:Northwestern University:Northern Arizona University:North Carolina State University-Chapel Hill:Ohio State University(OSU):Ohio State-Columbia University:Pennsylvania State University:(Purdue):Princeton University:Southwestern Pennsylvania State University:-Texas Tech University-Texas Tech:University of Southern California:UCLA-Los Angeles:(UT):UCLA, Pasadena:University at Buffalo:University Medical Center, New Brunswick:University Of Texas, Austin:(UCLA):University of Virginia:University (CA):Virginia Commonwealth University:Virginia Tech-Charlottesville:University University, Cambridge:University, London:Washington University, St Louis:West Virginia University:Western Carolina University:Zanesville, Ohio:More from Education Week:College-free:What you need to know about online schools.