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The Government has taken aim at teachers’ pay in a series of new laws, including a cap on salary increases and a new three-year freeze on pay increases for teachers.

The Government has also tightened up the standards and conditions for the supply of teachers.

The National Teachers Union said the new laws could cause some teachers to quit or even face dismissal.

National Education Minister Richard Wynne says the Government is taking steps to ensure the system works.

“We’re committed to ensuring the teachers are paid fairly, that we’ve got the right funding, that the system is effective,” he said.

In an interview on AM radio this morning, Mr Wynne said the Government was aiming to close the pay gap, with teachers earning more than other Australians.

He said it was a “fairly common occurrence” for some teachers with high qualifications to be paid more than others.

But he said the average teacher earning a high salary was not necessarily making a great contribution to Australia’s education system.

The Minister said he was confident the Government’s new measures would help teachers, including those who had recently lost their jobs, earn more.

Read more “The fact is, the majority of teachers who are earning more are also doing so as part of the system,” he told the AM program.

Mr Wynne said that was part of why the Government wanted to make changes.

“[Teachers] are the backbone of our education system and we want to make sure that they’re making a good contribution to our economy,” he added.

While the Government has made some changes to its paid parental leave scheme, Mr Wynn said it should not be considered as a replacement for paid parental leaves.

It would only make it more difficult for parents to make the transition to new jobs, he said, adding that the Government would consider a different scheme for teachers if it became necessary.

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