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The teachers’ association in Panhandle Education Connection says it is disappointed that the Department of Education has not made clear to teachers what the program entails, and that it has not been transparent about the nature of the funding the program is providing.

The union, which represents about 8,500 teachers, has been pressing the Department for more information about the program since it began on Monday, the first day of classes in the first semester of the new school year.

It has also asked for a “fair and transparent” briefing.

“The programme has been a disaster,” said Richard Dolan, the union’s secretary-treasurer.

“The Department of Educators have not even released a formal proposal for funding, let alone how much.

It is an embarrassment.””

And that is the problem with the Education Connection.

It is an embarrassment.”

The Panhandle Teachers’ Union (PTBU) has a long history of challenging the use of taxpayer money to fund private schools, including at the expense of public schools.

The association said in a statement that the Education Department’s lack of clarity about the purpose of the program was an insult to the Panhandle’s teachers, whose work has been critical to the development of the district.

“This is a disgrace.

It will have a devastating effect on our students and their learning.

The Panhassans deserve better from their government.

We have had enough,” said Dolan.

The department has not responded to the union in person.

The program is designed to help students and teachers work collaboratively and in a manner that is respectful of the community.

The Department of Educational Connections is an initiative of the Education Authority of the PanhASSh State.

It is funded through the education authority’s budget.

The agency is tasked with supporting and promoting the educational and cultural interests of the people of the District of Panhandle.